Tea for Two

歌手 東方神起 
作詞 H.U.B. 
作曲 Ichiro Fujiya 
編曲 Manao Doi 
閲覧数合計:7146 今月:35



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東方神起 ~Tea for Five~東方神起 ~Tea for Five~
Tea for two ならぬ Tea for five です 笑 大好きなこの歌を大好きな5人にマッチさせてみました.
DBSK - Tea for twoDBSK - Tea for two
Lyrics translation: The light wavers in the wind The table serving tea for two I'm lying on the sofa Gazing at you. Look like you've figured out something From the ...
tohoshinki☆tea for twotohoshinki☆tea for two
Tea for TwoTea for Two
Stand by U (Single) {2009.07.01} 東方神起/동방신기/TOHOSHINKI [윤호] Yeah, You know? Ah-ah..I love you You want me to try Have listen [윤호] 風に 揺れ動く ...
Tea for two~4Thライブ記念ーTVXQTea for two~4Thライブ記念ーTVXQ

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