Glory Love

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Glory Love 杉山清貴Glory Love 杉山清貴
シングル 2009年.
Glory Love~女声・カバーGlory Love~女声・カバー
杉山清貴さんのカバーです。3カポ。原曲はバンド演奏が素敵な曲。ギター初心者レベルにとってはアコギ1本で弾き語るには難易度高し。 キーボ...
(カラオケ風)Glory Love Kiyotaka Sugiyama を歌ってみた(カラオケ風)Glory Love Kiyotaka Sugiyama を歌ってみた
This is such a song.^^ To the beach where our love started, it visited together with her again.Moreover, the joy which came again, and the past memory revive.
(カラオケ風)glory love Kiyotaka Sugiyama を歌ってみた(カラオケ風)glory love Kiyotaka Sugiyama を歌ってみた
This is such a song. ^^ He came to the sea of recollections with her who loves. And as carried out in the past, he tells love to her. Moreover, two persons' future ...

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