Perfect World

作詞 岩里祐穂 
作曲 山下太郎  noe 
編曲 保刈久明 
カテゴリ アニメ 狼と香辛料Ⅱ ED
閲覧数合計:13979 今月:104



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Perfect World - Spice and Wolf 2 ( picture edited )Perfect World - Spice and Wolf 2 ( picture edited )
Perfect ending song for the spice & wolf Romanji soshite koi suru boku tachi wa ai no temae de surechigau tsutaetai no ni damarikomu Take me, take me to the ...
Spice and Wolf Season 2 Ending - "Perfect World"Spice and Wolf Season 2 Ending - "Perfect World"
Ending from Spice and Wolf season 2 - Perfect World by ROCKY CHACK.
[2015] Perfect World - ROCKY CHACK[2015] Perfect World - ROCKY CHACK
Mixing is really hard. Tried my best. Took 3 hours of mixing non-stop and 11 revisions :/ . MP3 DL Link: . requested ...
Perfect World Instrumental - Rocky ChackPerfect World Instrumental - Rocky Chack
I TAKE NO CREDIT FOR THE PRODUCTION OR RIGHTS TO THIS SONG. I am merely passing this song onto the YouTube community. All credit goes to Rocky ...
狼と香辛料Ⅱ 2期ED / Spice and Wolf s2-ED狼と香辛料Ⅱ 2期ED / Spice and Wolf s2-ED
狼と香辛料Ⅱ 2期-ED 「Perfect World」ROCKY CHACK Spice and Wolf II season2-ED "Perfect World" by ROCKY CHACK - - [HD:1080p] - - 公式HP: ...

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