School Days

カテゴリ アニメ しゅごキャラ!! どきっ OP 4
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ガーディアンズ4   School Days Dance Shot Ver  HDガーディアンズ4 School Days Dance Shot Ver HD
[PV] Guardians 4 - School Days[PV] Guardians 4 - School Days Guardians 4 - School Days Guardians 4 2nd single titled School Days which will be available in Regular and Limited Editions. The c/w's title is Itsuka Doko ka...
Guardians 4 - School Days (Close Up Ver)Guardians 4 - School Days (Close Up Ver)
Shugo Chara! - School Days LyricsShugo Chara! - School Days Lyrics
Opening 6 of Shugo Chara!, sang by Guardians 4 ^^ ENGLISH LYRICS As the hem of your cape waves in the wind, everyone sighs a little in admiration. That 'spicy' style everyone says I have,...
ガーディアンズ4 (guardians4) School Days (Short ver)ガーディアンズ4 (guardians4) School Days (Short ver)

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