歌手 the pillows 
作詞 山中さわお 
作曲 山中さわお 
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FOXES - The Pillows (cover) - Manabe PartFOXES - The Pillows (cover) - Manabe Part
Cover of Foxes, the song by The Pillows from the album Ooparts. Played on an Epiphone Les Paul Custom through an Orange Tiny Terror Combo amp.
the pillows Parts of OoParts FULL versionthe pillows Parts of OoParts FULL version
the pillows parts of ooparts tour.(2010.2.21) there is an english sub inserted as well. Song List: 1) Dance with god. 1:02 2) Biscuit Hammer. 4:57 3) The Air ...
the pillows / YOUR ORDERthe pillows / YOUR ORDER
the pillowsの曲が、フルで全曲聴き放題【AWA・3か月無料】 無料で体験する▷ 2009年10月14日リリース ...
Foxes/the pillows のリフを。 最初は4弦解放。最後は小指で1,2弦押さえてます。
Pillows N' Pyjamas | The Noisy FoxesPillows N' Pyjamas | The Noisy Foxes
Today we hear a story called The Noisy Foxes' by Amy Husband, Top That Publishing A family of noisy foxes find out that the grass isn't always greener in this ...

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