Another Heaven

歌手 いとうかなこ 
作詞 漆野淳哉 
作曲 須田悦弘 
編曲 磯江俊道 
カテゴリ ゲーム Steins;Gate ED
閲覧数合計:63607 今月:336



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Another Heaven [Steins Gate End Song]Another Heaven [Steins Gate End Song]
Steins;Gate True Ending Song - Another HeavenSteins;Gate True Ending Song - Another Heaven
Though this is the "Steins;Gate VN" ending credits, it's also "Episode 24" (from the anime's) True Ending Song. It's the entire song and decided to upload this one ...
Steins;Gate - Visual Novel Ending (True End) - Another HeavenSteins;Gate - Visual Novel Ending (True End) - Another Heaven
La Ending che viene riprodotta nel finale definitivo della Visual Novel di Steins;Gate, ovvero il True End! Titolo: Another Heaven Cantante: Kanako Itou ...
いとうかなこ:Another Heaven(另一個天堂)いとうかなこ:Another Heaven(另一個天堂)
臺北國際電玩展Xbox 360攤位活動 《Steins;Gate》中文版紀念歌曲表演 いとうかなこ演唱.
【カバー】結月ゆかりで「Another Heaven」【いとうかなこ】【カバー】結月ゆかりで「Another Heaven」【いとうかなこ】
ニコニコ動画より転載 Cover By: Ciel(神無月P)

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