A Blueberry Night

歌手 LM.C 
作詞 LM.C 
作曲 LM.C 
編曲 井上慎二郎 
閲覧数合計:1533 今月:5



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A blueberry nightA blueberry night
Lm.c - A Blueberry Night (Guitar Cover)Lm.c - A Blueberry Night (Guitar Cover)
2º Cover,espero que gostem =)
( vostfr) LM.C - A blueberry night( vostfr) LM.C - A blueberry night
Paroles tiré de nautiljion. Mais j'ai un peu modifier pour que les phrases paraissent moins lourdes.
Ikarishipping || Blueberry NightIkarishipping || Blueberry Night
Hello Everyone! This is my new account, I used to be tsuky0angel. I decided to start doing AMV'S once again, even though I'm starting college this year and I'm ...
My Blueberry Nights Live (Head Trip Beats)My Blueberry Nights Live (Head Trip Beats)
My Blueberry Nights Live at Spritual Lounge in Sapporo JAPAN. 2013.10.13.

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