No Regret

歌手 倖田來未 
作詞 Tohru Watanabe 
作曲 h-wonder 
カテゴリ アニメ うえきの法則 OP 2
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The Law Of Ueki - No Regret.mp4The Law Of Ueki - No Regret.mp4
倖田來未 / No Regret倖田來未 / No Regret
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植木の法則 MAD 【No Regret】植木の法則 MAD 【No Regret】
植木の法則MAD 倖田來未【No Regret】
The Law Of Ueki OP2 - No Regret (Koda Kumi)The Law Of Ueki OP2 - No Regret (Koda Kumi)
No RegretNo Regret
this is my very very very first AMV. I tried my best, so it might not be anything big but still. I hope you like it. Enjoy. I don't own the clips or the song. No Copyright Infringement Intended...

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