Day of the fate

歌手 飛蘭 
作詞 yozuca* 
作曲 中山真斗 
編曲 中山真斗 
カテゴリ アニメ CANAAN イメージソング
閲覧数合計:4905 今月:12



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Blazblue Day of FateBlazblue Day of Fate
This an AMV I made for a Game RP called "BLAZBLUE DAY OF FATE" well the song's name is Day of the fate, Artist : Faylan. I do not own the music nor vidéos.
Audiosurf: Faylan - FortitudeAudiosurf: Faylan - Fortitude
Faylan - Fortitude in Audiosurf. Ninja Mono. Ironmode. Stealthed. Sorry if I'm a little rusty. Missed a few easy blocks.
Faylan 飛蘭- DAYS (J-POP)Faylan 飛蘭- DAYS (J-POP)
Released- March 26, 2014. Album- FAYvorite (Cover album) Label- Lantis (all rights are owned by them).
TVアニメ「CANAAN」OP 飛蘭「mind as Judgment」TVCMTVアニメ「CANAAN」OP 飛蘭「mind as Judgment」TVCM
飛蘭が歌う、TVアニメ「CANAAN」のOPテーマ、「mind as Judgment」のTVCM。CDは、2009年7月22日発売!

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