Snow fairy

作詞者 染谷西郷 
作曲者 染谷西郷 
編曲者 FUNKIST  松岡モトキ 
カテゴリ アニメ FAIRY TAIL OP 1
閲覧数合計:161630 今月:852



Snow fairyに関連があるかもしれない動画(YouTube)

Funkist - Snow fairy English SubFunkist - Snow fairy English Sub
Quick note: The lyrics towards the second half are incorrect. However I do not plan to change this because I feel like the lyrics fit. Do I condone doing this?
Fairy Tail OP1 Snow Fairy - FUNKISTFairy Tail OP1 Snow Fairy - FUNKIST
With Japanese (Karaoke) and English Lyrics.
Snow Fairy - Funkist (Fairytail Opening)Snow Fairy - Funkist (Fairytail Opening)
Snow Fairy by Funkist :D All Credits goes to the owner/producer of the song. For Entertainment use only.
Ft - Funkist Live [ft. Hiro Mashima (Guitar) and Hideo Nishimoto (Voice)] (1/2)Ft - Funkist Live [ft. Hiro Mashima (Guitar) and Hideo Nishimoto (Voice)] (1/2)
Fairy Tail Opening 1 + Subs CCFairy Tail Opening 1 + Subs CC
Fairy Tail Opening 1 Creditless (Episodes 1~11) "Snow Fairy" by FUNKIST Subtitles are available through YouTube Closed Captions (CC) in many languages.

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