Fiat lux -光あれ-

歌手 水樹奈々 
作詞 江幡育子 
作曲 筒井香織 
カテゴリ アニメ テイルズ オブ シンフォニア THE ANIMATION シルヴァラント ソングス(OVA) 挿入歌
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Fiat lux -光あれ-に関連があるかもしれない動画(YouTube)

--Tales of Symphonia (Oav)-- Fiat Lux--Tales of Symphonia (Oav)-- Fiat Lux
The second Sylvarant music by Nana Mizuki of the anime of the famous RPG Tales of Symphonia. / La troisième musique de la partie de Sylvarant par Nana ...
Fiat lux -Hikari Are- (Tales of Symphonia the Animation Soundtrack)Fiat lux -Hikari Are- (Tales of Symphonia the Animation Soundtrack)
Tales of Symphonia the Animation; Original Soundtrack Disc 1 13 - Fiat lux -Hikari Are- Performed by Nana Mizuki (whom voiced Colette) Download the album: ...
xi - Fiat Luxxi - Fiat Lux
composer: xi From SDVX II -infinite infection-
Fiat Lux ~ Hikari Are ~ [PB★Cover]Fiat Lux ~ Hikari Are ~ [PB★Cover]
Heeellou everynyan! Just wanted to drop in and upload this, trolololoo~ You guys know I love songs with an etheral feel and this one is quite special because it's ...
Colette's Angel song - Fiat Lux - Hikari AreColette's Angel song - Fiat Lux - Hikari Are
It's Colette's Angel song, from the anime and game "Tales of Symphonia" I hope you like it, the song's name is "Fiat Lux - Hikari Are" and it's not hard to fond it, ...

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