Finger on the Trigger

カテゴリ 特撮 仮面ライダーW(ダブル) イメージソング
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Kamen rider W - Finger on triggerKamen rider W - Finger on trigger
Luna Trigger.
Finger on the Trigger Kamen Singer (Philp and Shotaro)Finger on the Trigger Kamen Singer (Philp and Shotaro)
It took me a while after watching the episode. It from three song. I know it not perfect, by I least I tried. I don't own the copyright to the song. All © copyright belong ...
[테크] M-AUDIO Trigger Finger Pro Demonstration[테크] M-AUDIO Trigger Finger Pro Demonstration
힙합엘이의 [테크] 전문 스텝 YOUNGDASS가 엠오디오(M-Audio) 사의 신제품 트리거 핑거 프로(Trigger Finger Pro)를 테스트해 보았습니다. 트리거 핑거 프로는...
Finger on the Trigger~PianoFinger on the Trigger~Piano
This is a somewhat altered Finger on the Trigger, played by ear by me. For those who ask "Why didn't you play the whole song?", I have one thing to say: YOU ...
Waterfront Home - Finger On The Trigger (SilStar WaterMix Version)Waterfront Home - Finger On The Trigger (SilStar WaterMix Version)
Genre : Italo-Disco.

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