Absolute Perfection

作詞 西田恵美 
作曲 しほり 
編曲 大久保薫 
閲覧数合計:2501 今月:3



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Elisa - Absolute PerfectionElisa - Absolute Perfection
Album: Rouge Adolescence.
Absolute Perfection (live 1983) by Private Domain (Bratz)Absolute Perfection (live 1983) by Private Domain (Bratz)
live at the Rodeo in La Jolla CA 1983 song written by singer Paul Shaffer & guitarist Jack Butler, featuring Chris Drake on bass and Dennis Sedillo on drums.
Absolute PerfectionAbsolute Perfection
Private Domain Anthology 2010.
ELISA — white pulsation [Full Album] [j-pop] [2009] エリサELISA — white pulsation [Full Album] [j-pop] [2009] エリサ
This is first album of ELISA "white pulsation". Great music! Enjoy! 1. エリサ — Prologue 0:00:00 2. エリサ — euphoric field (English) 0:01:00 3. エリサ — ENDLESS ...
【MAD】 「Graduale Romanum」 (uploaded by Sana_)【MAD】 「Graduale Romanum」 (uploaded by Sana_)
Creator: s.A(朝奈) Link: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm17996428 Premiered: 2012年06月03日 (June 3rd, 2012) Tags: Hatsuyuki Sakura はつゆきさくら (visual ...

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