歌手 Shanti Snyder 
作詞 Gabriela Robin 
作曲 菅野よう子 
編曲 菅野よう子 
カテゴリ アニメ エスカフローネ 挿入歌
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Yoko Kanno and Shanty Snyder "Sora"Yoko Kanno and Shanty Snyder "Sora"
From The vision of escaflowne Movie "A girl in Gaia" O.S.T.
Shanti Snyder @ Japan Expo 2011Shanti Snyder @ Japan Expo 2011
L'unique concert de Shanti Snyder, vraiment un superbe moment ! ( The unique concert of Shanti Snyder, a really great time! ) 1: « Sora » tiré de l'album ...
Escaflowne Movie OST - SoraEscaflowne Movie OST - Sora
From Escaflowne Movie OST. Title of the song; Sora (Sky) Singer; Shanti Synder Composer; Yoko Kanno.
Shanti Snyder - sora - final fantasyShanti Snyder - sora - final fantasy
This is a video of finl fatnasy on the music from the movie visions of escaflowne, nice nice nice sweet sound ^^ Disclaimer: This video is purely fan made, and I ...
Escaflowne_[OsT]_Sora - Shanti SnyderEscaflowne_[OsT]_Sora - Shanti Snyder
the vision of escaflowne original sound track Shanti Snyder - Sora.

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