歌手 FLiP 
作詞 渡名喜幸子  いしわたり淳治 
作曲 FLiP 
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FLiP / ワンダーランドFLiP / ワンダーランド FLiP三枚目のシングル。テレビ東京系「銀魂」オープニング・テーマ。 作詞:いしわたり淳治・渡名喜幸子...
Flip´s Krip Clips  1994  VOL 2   == Banzai PipelineFlip´s Krip Clips 1994 VOL 2 == Banzai Pipeline
Flip´s Krip Clips 1994 VOL 2 Remember the Hawaiian Magazine and tv show called H3O.. They were the Islands main surf mag in the mid '90's. Their tv show was great. They sold a few different...
FLiP ワンダーランドFLiP ワンダーランド
那覇まつり 10/7/2012.
SMiTHMUSiX - Flip That Pigeon (ft. DLush)SMiTHMUSiX - Flip That Pigeon (ft. DLush)
Stream, Purchase or Free Download: ▽SMiTHMUSiX http://www.instagra...
sumthin sumthin .  Elsewhere (tsuki Flip)sumthin sumthin . Elsewhere (tsuki Flip)
For more, check out my Facebook Page :) If you still don't have enough, I also have a website: Thank you soo much for watching this...

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