As the Dew

作詞 AZUKI七 
作曲 中村由利 
カテゴリ アニメ 名探偵コナン OP 28
閲覧数合計:112414 今月:928



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Garnet Crow - As The Dew (Sub Jap-Esp)Garnet Crow - As The Dew (Sub Jap-Esp)
Seishihiro no Fansub Grupo: Garnet Crow Cancion: As The Dew Anime: Detective Conan.
AS THE DEW - Garnet Crow ( Anime)AS THE DEW - Garnet Crow ( Anime)
Detective Conan opening "As the Dew"Detective Conan opening "As the Dew"
Detective Conan - Fan-made OPENING - As the Dew (Garnet Crow)Detective Conan - Fan-made OPENING - As the Dew (Garnet Crow)
Here's version 2 of my First Detective Conan video ever made! ORIGINAL VERSIONS: ...
[名探偵コナン OP28] As the Dew - GARNET CROW[名探偵コナン OP28] As the Dew - GARNET CROW
Title: As the Dew Artist: GARNET CROW Album: The BEST History of GARNET CROW at the crest... Release: February 10, 2010 Featured as: Detective Conan ...

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