sing for you

歌手 茅原実里 
作詞 茅原実里 
作曲 rino 
編曲 藤田淳平 
閲覧数合計:5079 今月:20



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[中日歌詞] 茅原実里武道館追加公演ENCORE - sing for you[中日歌詞] 茅原実里武道館追加公演ENCORE - sing for you
Minori Chihara Live Tour 2010 ~Sing All Love~ 5月30日武道館追加公演 ENCORE部分 sing for you.
Minori Chihara-Sing for you (Reincarnation)Minori Chihara-Sing for you (Reincarnation)
Artist:Minori Chihara.
[中字] 茅原実里武道館追加公演ENCORE MC[中字] 茅原実里武道館追加公演ENCORE MC
Minori Chihara Live Tour 2010 ~Sing All Love~ 5月30日武道館追加公演ENCORE部分sing for you前MC 5分50秒~7分14秒是大重點... 「 最初只是因為喜歡唱歌而唱歌的我...
Minori Chihara-sing for you (with lyrics)Minori Chihara-sing for you (with lyrics)
[English Translation] I suddenly found an important treasure So we singing sincerely with love At that time, there is nothing to let me feel proud But one of my favorite song just support...
sing for you... 茅原実里 歌ってみた ライブsing for you... 茅原実里 歌ってみた ライブ

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