歌手 Galileo Galilei 
作詞 尾崎雄貴 
作曲 尾崎雄貴 
編曲 Galileo Galilei 
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The Galileo MythThe Galileo Myth
Everyone's heard the story of how Galileo was wrongly condemned by the Church for proposing scientific claims that contradicted the Bible. The problem with ...
Galileo on TrialGalileo on Trial
What happened at the Trial of Galileo? Was it the signature case of Religion versus Science? I've looked into the history, and found some surprising answers.
Christopher Check - Galileo on Trial: Why the Church was RightChristopher Check - Galileo on Trial: Why the Church was Right
July 30, 2014 Hosted by the Institute of Catholic Culture About the speaker: Christopher Check, Executive Vice President of the Rockford Institute in Rockford, IL, ...
Muffin Stories - Galileo GalileiMuffin Stories - Galileo Galilei
Galileo Galilei Galileo Galilei, the father of science, was born in Pisa, ltaly in February 1564. No one thought that the boy who was born in a poor family running a ...
Guthrie Galileo - An Impregnable AnswerGuthrie Galileo - An Impregnable Answer
Realized here are cultural phenomena which have altered my development and continue to do so within the daily lives of many. They have taken deep root in ...

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