歌手 Cyua 
作詞 mpi 
作曲 澤野弘之 
カテゴリ アニメ 機動戦士ガンダムUC(ユニコーン) イメージソング
閲覧数合計:51620 今月:146



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A LetterA Letter
Gundam UC Original soundtrack 「A LETTER」 作詞:mpi 作曲·編曲:澤野弘之 歌:Cyua All my friends have gone away I need myself to sing this song But you ...
[한글번역] Cyua - A letter (nZk.ver)[한글번역] Cyua - A letter (nZk.ver)
번역 : 출처불분명 (알송) Artwork by chinchongcha https://chinchongcha.deviantart.com/art/Rural-Railway-698908085 * Gundam Unicorn OST I do not own ...
[Live] Gundam Unicorn - A Letter (Cyua)[Live] Gundam Unicorn - A Letter (Cyua)
MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM UNICORN FILM & LIVE 2012 Reader's Theater "hand in hand" Title: A Letter Vocal: Cyua Composer: Hiroyuki Sawano.
Gundam Unicorn OST 4 - 11. A LETTER nZK Ver.Gundam Unicorn OST 4 - 11. A LETTER nZK Ver.
Gundam Unicorn OST 4 Track 11. A LETTER nZK Ver. All rights are reserved to there rightful owners. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright ...
【HD】機動戰士鋼彈UC Mobile Suit Gundam UC OST - Cyua - A LETTER【中英字幕】【HD】機動戰士鋼彈UC Mobile Suit Gundam UC OST - Cyua - A LETTER【中英字幕】
《機動戦士ガンダムUC》 A LETTER 作詞:mpi 作曲:澤野弘之編曲:澤野弘之歌:Cyua 版權聲明: 本頻道不握有任何音樂所有權,亦無任何營利,一切僅...

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