歌手 Half-Life 
作詞 上里洋志 
作曲 Half-Life 
編曲 Half-Life 
閲覧数合計:300 今月:1




Karambit + Butterfly IRL | Ofrandele LejionarilorKarambit + Butterfly IRL | Ofrandele Lejionarilor
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The Story of the Butterfly (Full Documentary)The Story of the Butterfly (Full Documentary)
From egg to caterpillar, to chrysalis to adult, the life cycle of a butterfly is an amazing story of survival. This educational program tells the amazing story of survival ...
Rare Half-Male, Half-Female Butterfly DiscoveredRare Half-Male, Half-Female Butterfly Discovered
A rare gynandromorph butterfly, one that displays male features on one side and female features on the other, was discovered in Drexel University's Academy of ...
GIANT FLYING SHARK?! (5 Weird Stuff Online - Part 01)GIANT FLYING SHARK?! (5 Weird Stuff Online - Part 01)
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This Ultra Rare Butterfly is Half Male, Half FemaleThis Ultra Rare Butterfly is Half Male, Half Female
This Lexias pardalis is extremely rare-- not only is its sex half male and half female, but its perfectly split down the middle. How did this happen? And does it ...

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