dance DANCE!

歌手 MiChi 
作詞 MiChi 
作曲 Tomokazu Matsuzawa 
編曲 T.O.M MadNesS 
閲覧数合計:517 今月:3



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Sketchbook (Michi)Sketchbook (Michi)
hi guys rin here ever wonder whats rocking today well here is Sketchbook with the song opening of sket dance hope you enjoy !!!!!!!!! live your life and dream!!!!
Michi MV - Sket Dance ver.Michi MV - Sket Dance ver.
I wanted to see a Michi music video where the Sket dance team perform the I edited this....couldn't do the full song cause not enough clips though.
MMD Zane vs Michi Dance battle (VOTING CLOSED)MMD Zane vs Michi Dance battle (VOTING CLOSED)
Sorry for them lagz. Ps i dont own any of these motions or models or music so dont copy right. These are where i got the songs you could find them other videos ...
SKET DANCE - Michi [Thai Version] FandubSKET DANCE - Michi [Thai Version] Fandub
By lovely07 ปล.ผิดพลาดประการใดขออภัยไว้ ณ ที่นี้ด้วยน่ะครับ ^__^ Page Facebook : Anime Music TH https://www.f...
Michi DanceMichi Dance
Michi !? thaha´ ;D.

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