歌手 universe 
作詞 YUSUKE(universe) 
作曲 YUSUKE(universe) 
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The One-Electron Universe | Space TimeThe One-Electron Universe | Space Time
Could it be that all the electrons in the universe are simply one, single electron moving back and forth through time? You can further support us on Patreon at
universe - ONLY ONEuniverse - ONLY ONE
How Many Dimensions Does The Universe Have?How Many Dimensions Does The Universe Have?
Dimensions are complicated, and wrapping your mind around how many there are can give you a headache. Join Trace as he explains everything you should know about them. Read More: What is...
Multiverse: One Universe or Many?Multiverse: One Universe or Many?
The inflationary theory of cosmology, an enduring theory about our universe and how it was formed, explains that just after the Big Bang, the universe went through a period of rapid expansion....
THERE'S ONLY ONE ROSE QUARTZ [Steven Universe Theory] Crystal Clear Ep. 87THERE'S ONLY ONE ROSE QUARTZ [Steven Universe Theory] Crystal Clear Ep. 87
Many fans of Steven Universe desire to see Steven face off against a Rose Quartz from Homeworld, but that's not possible. Why? Find out on this episode of Crystal Clear! Support us on Patreon!...

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