deep forest

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deep forestdeep forest
2008/9/24 Release 矢住 夏菜『perfect Fit / deep forest』 ニンテンドーDS『AVALON CODE』主題歌.
Avalon Code - Deep ForestAvalon Code - Deep Forest
Avalon Code Opening Artist: Kana Yazumi.
"Deep Forest" Avalon Code Op. ENGLISH Fandub [Feat. JandyChuChuTrain]"Deep Forest" Avalon Code Op. ENGLISH Fandub [Feat. JandyChuChuTrain]
Edit: Guys, THIS IS NOT ME SINGING. *FANGASM* Jandy-Chu is amazing. My fandom has been greatly satisfied. EEEE~ Go sub to her NAO. You have no ...
Angel / 矢住夏菜 Kana YazumiAngel / 矢住夏菜 Kana Yazumi

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