歌手 Hey!Say!JUMP 
作詞 ma-saya 
作曲 加藤裕介 
編曲 佐藤泰将 
閲覧数合計:16071 今月:199




Hey!Say!JUMP Memories カバーHey!Say!JUMP Memories カバー
Hey Say Jump - Memories by SMURFSHey Say Jump - Memories by SMURFS
HSJpoland - I must to change the channel ... All my previous films "BY Smurfs" are placed on this channel .... Sorry for the trouble.
情熱JUMP~Born in the EARTH~OUR FUTURE 2009 SK ver.情熱JUMP~Born in the EARTH~OUR FUTURE 2009 SK ver.
i do not own this video.
Yuri Chinen ( Fanpic )Yuri Chinen ( Fanpic )
Yuri Chinen By: Fanpic maker ( Fanmade ) Music : Memories song by Hey!Say! Jump.
Chinen Yuuri grew up!Chinen Yuuri grew up!
A collection of pictures of Hey! Say! JUMP's Chinen Yuuri from he was small to a big matured boy! Song: Memories by Hey! Say! JUMP. Enjoy!

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