歌手 the GazettE 
作詞 流鬼. 
作曲 the GazettE 
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HESITATING MEANS DEATHに関連があるかもしれない動画(YouTube)

The GazettE - Hesitating means Death - Sub Español.The GazettE - Hesitating means Death - Sub Español.
GazettE Nightcore  - Hesitating Means DeathGazettE Nightcore - Hesitating Means Death
Nightcore of the GazettE's Hesitating Means Death. Once again, I own nothing used. I paid for the music, and I do not intend to make profit from the video.
Hesitating Means Death ScoptcoreHesitating Means Death Scoptcore
I was listening to one of my nightcores earlier, and decided, hey, speeding a song up is all well and good, but some songs work better slowed down. so I made a ...
Hesitating means Death CoverHesitating means Death Cover
Hello everyone Kei here back with a new cover and "VK" Hairstyle^_^ I'm pretty sure everyone saw this cover coming lol but yes the Gazette's Hesitating means ...
[Vocal Cover] the GazettE - HESITATING MEANS DEATH[Vocal Cover] the GazettE - HESITATING MEANS DEATH
Wow, talk about back-dated. Found this lying around, so up it goes. Will upload a few feeble D'espairsray covers later. I think I used a weird karaoke program for ...

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