Higher Than Dark Sky

歌手 access 
作詞 小室みつ子 
作曲 浅倉大介 
編曲 浅倉大介 
閲覧数合計:1887 今月:22



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『Higher Than Dark Sky』'16 AXS(access)『Higher Than Dark Sky』'16 AXS(access)
access ELECTRIC NIGHT 2016 アンコール.
access【Higher Than Dark Sky】【access TOUR 2010-STREAM】access【Higher Than Dark Sky】【access TOUR 2010-STREAM】
access TOUR 2010-STREAM 8月29日 中野サンプラザ(追加公演)
Access [Higher Than Dark Sky -Piano Version-]Access [Higher Than Dark Sky -Piano Version-]
From their latest single (released 03/08/2011) - Share the Love (Apologies for the lame watermark in the middle)
Higher than Dark SkyHigher than Dark Sky
access concert TOUR 2010 STREAM (5 Aug 2010) Recorded LIVE from access_official USTREAM sorry the video quality...(*T^T*)
access New Single コメント Higher Than dark Skyaccess New Single コメント Higher Than dark Sky
www.access-web.jp/movie/movie.php www.danet.ne.jp/axs/access2010.html NO ENTIENDO NI MADRES PERO LOS ADORO ^^

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