歌手 いとうかなこ 
作詞 Lynn 
作曲 綾部健三郎 
編曲 上野浩司 
カテゴリ ゲーム Starry☆Sky~in Spring~Portable ED 1
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Star-Crossed Steins;Gate VN Insert songStar-Crossed Steins;Gate VN Insert song
Artist name: Kanako Ito Track Title: Star-Crossed Album Title: A.R. / Star-Crossed It's related to the SteinsGate VN and its music what more do you want? Enjoy it.
Starry Sky - Star-Crossed Game Ver(れいさ)Starry Sky - Star-Crossed Game Ver(れいさ)
吐嘈:: 這是第二次投稿~~ 說真真的錄得不太好誰叫我喜歡STARRY SKY.
Itou Kanako Star-crossed piano (cover)Itou Kanako Star-crossed piano (cover)
I luv this song very much and this is reali a gd song, however, this song is reali difficult to be found in youtube... so i decided to make a piano ver of this song... I cannot sing well, but...

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