just go my way

歌手 上木彩矢 
作詞 上木彩矢 
作曲 Hiroyuki Fujino 
編曲 村田昭 
閲覧数合計:204 今月:2



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上木彩矢AYA KAMIKI Just Go My Way - Gloriosa Live 2010上木彩矢AYA KAMIKI Just Go My Way - Gloriosa Live 2010
One of the best moments of Gloriosa Live. I love the song. Aya had a sore throat that day but she managed to go through the whole concert quite well.
上木彩矢のお買い物 (English translation in the description)上木彩矢のお買い物 (English translation in the description)
Kamiki Aya interview. SHOPPING WITH AYA. Gori: What are we buying? AYA: a phone G: Don't you have it? A: I do, but I've been having it since I came to Tokyo ...

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