The Past Day

歌手 Noa 
作詞 Noa 
作曲 headphone-Bulldog 
閲覧数合計:1720 今月:4



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Noa - アカシ 最高音質Ver??Noa - アカシ 最高音質Ver??
Noa - アカシ 友達のトモダチだった あのときの二人はいつか 惹かれ合い求め合い恋に落ちた ケイタイ見張るように 返事のメール待つアタシ...
What Youth: Noa Deanes Day OffWhat Youth: Noa Deanes Day Off
Noa surfed Snapper for 6 hours this day. Dodging “blow ins” and slotting into dreamy Greenmount pits all morning. But then we picked him up and said, “Now what?” Noa took us to his...
PATLABOR Original Video - One Day of Noa.flvPATLABOR Original Video - One Day of Noa.flv
This video tells a story about Noah Izumi, an Ingram pilot, when she's having a day off in 2nd Division. There's no seiyuu in this anime because they don't actually dub this, just SFX. ...
Biography Day Noa 5Biography Day Noa 5

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