Shut Out

歌手 SOUL'd OUT 
作詞 Diggy-MO'  Bro.Hi 
作曲 Diggy-MO'  Shinnosuke 
閲覧数合計:5496 今月:54



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SOUL'd OUT - Shut OutSOUL'd OUT - Shut Out
Lyrics: (Thanks to SCOWKL タダ!) Yo what tha hell are you takin' so wrong? To love baby Hah? From 今夜 (HAH!!) 当ったりめぇだそんなの何万回言われても同じ事 ...
SOUL'd OUT 『ShutOut』SOUL'd OUT 『ShutOut』
SOUL'd OUT の「shut out」を歌ってみたSOUL'd OUT の「shut out」を歌ってみた
SOUL'd OUT - Shut Out~Flying Grind Mix~SOUL'd OUT - Shut Out~Flying Grind Mix~
Song: Shut Out~Flying Grind Mix~ Album: Movies&Remixies Released: 2004 If anyone has any requests on SOUL'd OUT/Diggy-MO songs that they want to ...
SOUL'd OUT - Dream DriveSOUL'd OUT - Dream Drive
Lyrics: (Thanks to SCOWKL タダ!) A-yo! It's tha SOUL'd OUT Cru! Well? C'mon! ア アラララァ ア アァ! Yo! Yo! We got my men Bro.Hi, Shinnosuke and everybody!

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