Magenta Magenta

歌手 SOUL'd OUT 
作詞 Diggy-MO'  Bro.Hi 
作曲 Diggy-MO'  Shinnosuke 
読みまじぇんた まじぇんた
閲覧数合計:12950 今月:54



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Soul'd Out - Magenta Magenta (Good version)Soul'd Out - Magenta Magenta (Good version)
so i couldn't find any versions of this song in a good quality so i uploaded mine enjoy! pic used: Magenta Magenta and Jojo's bizarre ...
SOUL'd OUT 『Magenta Magenta』SOUL'd OUT 『Magenta Magenta』
Wekapipo & Magenta Magenta (JJBA Musical Leitmotif)Wekapipo & Magenta Magenta (JJBA Musical Leitmotif)
Went a bit experimental on this one. Tried to make it entirely "full screen". As in, no panels on a white background. I've been working on it so long I can't tell if it ...
Soul'd Out~ Magenta MagentaSoul'd Out~ Magenta Magenta
Copyright Disclaimer, Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for 'fair use' for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, ...
soul'd out - ウェカピポ wekapipo/wake up peoplesoul'd out - ウェカピポ wekapipo/wake up people
i looked everywhere for the original version of this song but i couldn't find it on youtube, so i made my own video. just pasted the song on top of a steel ball run ...

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