Every Heart(English Version)

歌手 BoA 
作詞 渡辺なつみ 
編曲 h-wonder 
カテゴリ アニメ 犬夜叉 イメージソング
読みえぶりはーと いんぐりっしゅばーじょん
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BoA - Every Heart (English Version)BoA - Every Heart (English Version)
BoA - Every Heart (English Version) Lyrics~ Tell me beb how many do i shed my tears? Every heart,Every heart is not a gentle yet Shall I do?I can say never say ...
Every Heart (English)Every Heart (English)
song: Every heart anime: Inuyasha Sorry i have been responding to everyone's comments, the scenes are from i believe the second movie.
Every Heart (English Version) w/LyricsEvery Heart (English Version) w/Lyrics
This is the English Version of Every Heart by Boa. I prefer the Japanese version, but it would be a little hard to make lyrics so I used the English one. Anyway, this ...
Inuyasha: Every Heart (FULL VERSION) "Male Cover"Inuyasha: Every Heart (FULL VERSION) "Male Cover"
Here is the full version everyone! This is one of my favourite songs from Inuyasha so I hope you guys enjoy and don't worry I am in the process of singing a ...
Inuyasha - BoA Every Heart (English Version)Inuyasha - BoA Every Heart (English Version)
Tell me babe, how many do I shed my tears? Every Heart Every Heart is not a gentle yet Shall I do?I can never say my loneliness Every Heart doesn't know so ...

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