歌手 the GazettE 
作詞 流鬼. 
作曲 the GazettE 
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[LIVE15-16] VERMIN/Sub Español/The GazettE[LIVE15-16] VERMIN/Sub Español/The GazettE
Holiwa, subtitule vermin porque no ví ningun video que estuviera traducido. Creditos a "Kana to Spanish" por la traducción. Todos los derechos a sus ...
The GazettE - Vermin [ Live ] Sub EspThe GazettE - Vermin [ Live ] Sub Esp
All rights belong to Peace & Smile Company. The song and lyric belong the band, and record company, this video was made to share for the Spanish-speaking ...
the GazettE Vermin 葵パート 弾いてみたthe GazettE Vermin 葵パート 弾いてみた
久々にやってみましたw 毎回お馴染みの一発撮りなので、ミスは気にしないでくださいw ダウンチューニング用に思い切って弦の太さを変えて...
Vermin ~ the GazettE ~ Uruha Guitar CoverVermin ~ the GazettE ~ Uruha Guitar Cover
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The GazettE - Inazuma ROCK FESTIVAL 2011The GazettE - Inazuma ROCK FESTIVAL 2011
Inazuma ROCK FESTIVAL 2011 -------------------------------------------------------------- 1- Agony 00:00 2- Hyena 04:19 3- Vortex 10:12 4- Vermin 14:16 5- Filth In The ...

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