fuss fuzz

歌手 黒崎真音 
作詞 米山玩具 
作曲 a2c 
編曲 Mint Jam 
カテゴリ アニメ 学園黙示録 HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD ED 7
閲覧数合計:9775 今月:45



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fuss fuzzfuss fuzz
黑崎真音 fuss fuzz.
Highschool of The Dead - Fuss FuzzHighschool of The Dead - Fuss Fuzz
I do not own any of this. Lyrics-Gendou.com - Picture from goggle. - More anime music from Gendou.com English lyrics: On top of the bed, with my legs folded What am I doing, staring at the...
[Project] 黒崎真音 - Fuss Fuzz Guitar Cover Project[Project] 黒崎真音 - Fuss Fuzz Guitar Cover Project
L Guitar: XLEZZYTECHNIKA R Guitar: NIKU7259 This song is the 7th ED of the Japanese anime, High school of the DEAD. Song by Kurosaki Maon.
Highschool Of The Dead - fuss Fuzz (ED 7) - Kurosaki Maon (Sub. en español) [HOTD] FULLHighschool Of The Dead - fuss Fuzz (ED 7) - Kurosaki Maon (Sub. en español) [HOTD] FULL
Hola a todos! :D Ya tenía tiempo de no subir nada de nada y me tarde con esta petición y otra, la razón es que no he estado de "buen humor" como para traducir bien sin que yo misma me confunda,...
Maon Kurosaki(黒崎真音) fuss fuzz guitar coverMaon Kurosaki(黒崎真音) fuss fuzz guitar cover

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