The place of hope

歌手 黒崎真音 
作詞 松井敬治 
作曲 glanzenda 
編曲 glanzenda 
カテゴリ アニメ 学園黙示録 HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD ED 8
閲覧数合計:4869 今月:13



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学園黙示録 Maon Kurosaki - Eternal Song 黒崎真音 Live - 2010 L.I.S.A.N.I学園黙示録 Maon Kurosaki - Eternal Song 黒崎真音 Live - 2010 L.I.S.A.N.I
Performance de Maon Kurosaki en vivo L.I.S.A.N.I 2010 -Maon Kurosaki Performance Live 2011 L.I.S.A.N.I 2010.
【テイルズMAD】The place of hope【テイルズMAD】The place of hope
また懲りずにTOVMAD第四弾作ってしまいました。。 TOVは作りやすいんですよね、Xとかに比べて。サクサク作れてしまう。 ただやはり制作し続け...
The Place Of Hope AMVThe Place Of Hope AMV
This AMV created last year but finished today .. lol xD I'm sooo lazy .... :p This is special made for my love one ... ^^ i know you like it ... lol :p and for my friend ...
fuss fuzzfuss fuzz
黑崎真音 fuss fuzz.
[Project] 黒崎真音 - Fuss Fuzz Guitar Cover Project[Project] 黒崎真音 - Fuss Fuzz Guitar Cover Project
L Guitar: XLEZZYTECHNIKA R Guitar: NIKU7259 This song is the 7th ED of the Japanese anime, High school of the DEAD. Song by Kurosaki Maon.

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