作詞 安斉龍介 
作曲 Seeing goat 
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LAST ALLIANCE - Third Age Total WarLAST ALLIANCE - Third Age Total War
Battle of Mount Doom 3441 SA The Siege of Barad-Dur lasted 7 years during which Anarion, son of Elendil and lord of Minas Anor, was killed by a rock shot from a catapult atop Barad-dûr. It...
Last alliance - Spiral worldLast alliance - Spiral world
Resisting Roses Site: https://resistingroses.bandcamp.com/album/resisting-roses The rails move along together, the rules go forward just the same Junie Boy, shot in broad daylight, says: "Even...
♫ Lord of the Rings - Prologue: The Last Alliance (with lyric)♫ Lord of the Rings - Prologue: The Last Alliance (with lyric)
lyrics & information from http://www.amagpiesnest.com/ ❧ From the The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Complete Recordings: Prologue: One Ring to Rule Them All, composed...
The Last Alliance - Moskau (Cover)The Last Alliance - Moskau (Cover)
facebook.com/thelastallianceUSNY thelastalliance.bandcamp.com thelastalliancemusic.com Original Song by: Dschinghis Khan cover Lyrics: Moskau Queen of the Russian Land Bult like a rock to...
Last Alliance - Okizari Ace "Underground Blue"Last Alliance - Okizari Ace "Underground Blue"
Jrock, last alliance okizari ace underground blue maplestory arcsito music.

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