To Be Loved

歌手 桐生萌郁(後藤沙緒里) 
関連リンク: 後藤沙緒里 
作詞 kanon kuwa 
作曲 ¥utaka 
編曲 ¥utaka 
カテゴリ ゲーム Steins;Gate イメージソング
閲覧数合計:4109 今月:6



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To Be Loved☆桐生萌郁(cv.後藤沙緒里)
Gotou Saori - To Be LovedGotou Saori - To Be Loved
I do not own the image nor the music. Kiryuu Moeka's character theme from Steins;Gate This is an instrumental. Image is from visual novel.
'To be loved' - Steins;Gate (fancover sung by me!)'To be loved' - Steins;Gate (fancover sung by me!)
This is me singing the character song of Kiryuu Moeka from Steins;Gate, one of my favourite series!! Original artist is Goto Saori. I don't own.
桐生萌郁 de きしめん.mp4桐生萌郁 de きしめん.mp4
ニコニコ動画から転載です 即出ならすいません。。
玩Steins;Gate : Ch 2 空理彷徨的遭遇 - part 1玩Steins;Gate : Ch 2 空理彷徨的遭遇 - part 1
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