Cloudy sky

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Rockman X6/Megaman X6 - Moonlight (Full Opening) [Subbed]Rockman X6/Megaman X6 - Moonlight (Full Opening) [Subbed]
Moonlight subbed in english, romaji and japanese. Sang by Showtaro Morikubo (森久保 祥太郎). It was used as Rockman X6 opening, as Morikubo was also X's ...
Cloudy skyCloudy sky
曇り空でしたが、サーマルも有り1時間以上飛べました。 ラッキー!!
2012-1101 What is a Cloudy Sky?2012-1101 What is a Cloudy Sky?
1 November 2012 I ask "What is defined as a cloudy sky? There was a time, back before the 1990s, when human beings actually took the NWS (National ...

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