歌手 米倉千尋 
作詞 米倉千尋 
作曲 米倉千尋 
編曲 高山和芽 
閲覧数合計:427 今月:2




米倉千尋  想い出がいっぱい米倉千尋 想い出がいっぱい
米倉千尋 想い出がいっぱい.
Yonekura Chihiro (米倉千尋) cheers!Yonekura Chihiro (米倉千尋) cheers!
This is a Yonekura Chihiro song, the title track of her album: Cheers. Release date: 2005.02.23.
Yonekura Chihiro (米倉千尋) Sweet True LoveYonekura Chihiro (米倉千尋) Sweet True Love
This is a Yonekura Chihiro song from her single: Just Fly Away. Release date: 2000.02.02. It was never released any of her studio albums, only in her best album: BEST OF CHIHIROX.
C3HK 米倉千尋 RAVE OP Butterfly KissC3HK 米倉千尋 RAVE OP Butterfly Kiss
Yonekura Chihiro (米倉千尋) youYonekura Chihiro (米倉千尋) you
This is a Yonekura Chihiro cover song, which original artist is Yuzuki. The original version was used as the image song of the anime: Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. This version was released on...

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