歌手 神谷浩史 
作詞 渡邊亜希子 
作曲 板垣祐介 
編曲 板垣祐介 
閲覧数合計:9707 今月:34




shittyyy f6/idol choromatsu speed drawingshittyyy f6/idol choromatsu speed drawing
Disclaimer: I do not own this character nor the content he appears in. The Osomatsu franchise is owned by Studio Pierrot and Fujio Akatsuka put English subtitles/captions on to hear my agony...
Kouichi Yamadera ~ Circle Of LifeKouichi Yamadera ~ Circle Of Life
I do not own the music. Album: Disney Date: Koe no Oujisama Singer: Kouichi Yamadera What a powerful voice :D I didn't even know that such a guy existed and I fell in love with his voice...
BLCD CALLING KuuchuuTeienn yaoi DramacdBLCD CALLING KuuchuuTeienn yaoi Dramacd
BLCD CALLING KuuchuuTeienn yaoi Dramacd BLドラマCD drama CD 【R18女性向け】 【乙女 . 原作・イラスト: ホームラン・拳 キャスト: 中村悠一×梶裕貴. ...
Same Anime Character Voice Actor with Kuroko Basket's Akashi SeijuroSame Anime Character Voice Actor with Kuroko Basket's Akashi Seijuro
Same Anime character voice actor with Akashi seijuro CV : Hiroshi Kamiya (神谷 浩史) as know as seiyuu of Akashi seijuro and Saiki Kusuo from Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan Levi From Shingeki no...

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