歌手 the GazettE 
作詞 流鬼. 
作曲 the GazettE 
編曲 弦一徹 
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the GazettE 『PLEDGE』Music Videothe GazettE 『PLEDGE』Music Video
2010.12.15Release「PLEDGE」Music Video Please note that, depending on the region, there may be slight delay in releasing the video due to the technical ...
PLEDGE - the GazettE - Piano coverPLEDGE - the GazettE - Piano cover
A piano cover of Pledge, by the GazettE. This is the second japanese cover =) Made black and white for a special reason. HD is now available. Enjoy!
the GazettE - PLEDGE (Acoustic guitar fingerstyle cover)the GazettE - PLEDGE (Acoustic guitar fingerstyle cover)
I just came back from their concert in Toronto and I decided to do this cover. I'm not an expert to fingerstyle acoustic guitar, this is my first time to arrange a song ...
the GazettE - PLEDGE cover by HALORINGthe GazettE - PLEDGE cover by HALORING
Vocal.真紀 @haloring_maki Piano.TONY @TONY_Salvare000 HALORING @HALORING_JP.
PLEDGE -the GazettE- (Vocal Cover X Piano)PLEDGE -the GazettE- (Vocal Cover X Piano)
There was someone who requested for an actual recording of this version of PLEDGE. I finally had the time and patience, so here it is! The piano instrumental ...

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