Perfect Day

歌手 supercell 
作詞 ryo(supercell) 
作曲 ryo(supercell) 
編曲 ryo(supercell) 
閲覧数合計:166742 今月:1271



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[Eng Sub] 【supercell】 Perfect Day[Eng Sub] 【supercell】 Perfect Day
Before I get into talking about the video, I'd just like to encourage everyone who hasn't already to donate to the Red Cross and other organizations for ...
4. Supercell - Perfect Day4. Supercell - Perfect Day
"Perfect Day" from Supercell from there knew album "Today is a beautiful day". And don't aks me if i could send this song. Please just buy the wonderful CD.
Perfect Day - Supercell (With Lyrics)Perfect Day - Supercell (With Lyrics)
Perfect Day by Supercell. No copyright intended.
【歌ってみた】 Perfect Day (Supercell) Ver. AnnChan【杏♥】【歌ってみた】 Perfect Day (Supercell) Ver. AnnChan【杏♥】
HI! I'm back from my 2-week hiatus! I missed you guys so much TOT This cover is for my Senpai in life, best friend and "mom". Ate Hazel ♥ I'm sorry if it's super ...
Supercell - Perfect Day (Thai ver.) By Four L. Clover (ภาษาไทยค่ะ)Supercell - Perfect Day (Thai ver.) By Four L. Clover (ภาษาไทยค่ะ)
ลงเพลงใหม่เเล้วนะคะ ^[]^/ My page ...

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