Feel so good

歌手 supercell 
作詞 ryo(supercell) 
作曲 ryo(supercell) 
編曲 ryo(supercell) 
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[Supercell] Feel so Good [Nagi] [HD/ENG/ROMAJI][Supercell] Feel so Good [Nagi] [HD/ENG/ROMAJI]
I really like this one, listening to it.. Makes me feel good ~. It's kind of jazzie i guess, i really like those kind of songs. Plus i think it fits Nagi's voice perfectly.
8. Supercell - Feel so good8. Supercell - Feel so good
The Song "Feel so good" from the new Supercell Album "Today is a beautfiul Day". And don't aks me if i could send this song. Please just buy the wonderful CD.
[Team.Holic] [supercell] Feel so good[Team.Holic] [supercell] Feel so good
SOUNDCLOUD LINK : https://soundcloud.com/hisameshizumaru/feel-so-good Piano : Hatsumi Bass : Leo Guitar : Pulrang E.P. & Organ : Shizu Vocal : Eien ...
Supercell-Feel So Good [Acoustic Remake]Supercell-Feel So Good [Acoustic Remake]
faggy effects,yeah I know lol anyway,my cover for supercell's "Feel So Good'. I really love the jazz+funk stuffs in this song,and damn,the bass tone,it's too godly ...
Nightcore Feel so good-supercellNightcore Feel so good-supercell
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