Ever After

歌手 yozuca* 
作詞 tororo 
作曲 tororo 
編曲 Angel Note 
カテゴリ アニメ GIRLSブラボー-second season- OP
読みえばー あふたー
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girls bravo-ever after(full)girls bravo-ever after(full)
girls bravo-ever after (full song) Song- Ever After Artist- Yozuca Anime- Girls Bravo opening #2 to Girls Bravo, an ecchi anime ! well u know the song and the anime,:) so i dont...
yozuca*「stitch museum」メイキング#02yozuca*「stitch museum」メイキング#02
yozuca*「stitch museum」ジャケット撮影メイキング#02.
Girls bravo op2 - ever afterGirls bravo op2 - ever after
Go girls bravo.
걸즈 브라보 (GirlsブラボSecond Season) - And Then걸즈 브라보 (GirlsブラボSecond Season) - And Then
걸즈 브라보 (GirlsブラボSecond Season) - And Then.
Going my Way - YozucaGoing my Way - Yozuca
Disclaimer: I do not own anything in this video. I do not own the pictures or the song Song: Going My Way By: Yozuca A wonderful song from the anime Girls Bravo.

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