Another Kiss

歌手 福山潤 
作詞 岩里祐穂 
作曲 都丸智栄 
編曲 ザッハトルテ 
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Fukuyama Jun - Another Kiss [Album: Ai Wo Utau!]Fukuyama Jun - Another Kiss [Album: Ai Wo Utau!]
Yo Minna-san!! Esse é meu primeiro video, então, eu espero que vocês gostem! Tchau!!
◘T0g@inu n0 Chi: An0ther $t0ry~RIN◘ : (8)Trust◘T0g@inu n0 Chi: An0ther $t0ry~RIN◘ : (8)Trust
[REUPLOADED~RESUBIDO]] From 4:54 I really recommend you to use headphones!!!! T0gainu no Chi: Another Story~Rin. 1. Introducti0n 2. F0rtune 3.
Program Me - Jun FukuyamaProgram Me - Jun Fukuyama
LYRICS 3 2 1 Wake up. Hello. Hey~ Would you, please? Touch Me. Very First. My. Lover. Touch touch touch Program me. My lips are the switch Press please I ...
石膏ボーイズ ED FULL 「星空ランデブー」/杉田智和,立花慎之介,福山潤,小野大輔石膏ボーイズ ED FULL 「星空ランデブー」/杉田智和,立花慎之介,福山潤,小野大輔

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