歌手 the GazettE 
作詞 流鬼. 
作曲 the GazettE 
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UNCERTAIN SENCEに関連があるかもしれない動画(YouTube)

Uncertain Sense - the GazettE (Sub Español)Uncertain Sense - the GazettE (Sub Español)
Una cancion potente que nos relata el porque debemos superar aquellas penas y el dolor que nos causa ver partir a un ser querido, escrita desde la ...
the GazettE - UNCERTAIN SENSE (Guitar cover)the GazettE - UNCERTAIN SENSE (Guitar cover)
右側パートのコピー。 新アルバムまだー??
the GazettE ガゼット - UNCERTAIN SENSE (Cover By Dave)the GazettE ガゼット - UNCERTAIN SENSE (Cover By Dave)
Long time guys, hope you're all well. This is my take of UNCERTAIN SENSE, a b-side of the Vortex single; I was trying a different camera angle and playing ...
The Gazette - Uncertain sense cover by Pavel and GeneThe Gazette - Uncertain sense cover by Pavel and Gene
Hi guys! New cover! We've decided to make a pretty song cover from VORTEX single. Enjoy! As usual. All rights belong to the Gazette and their management.
The GazettE - UNCERTAIN SENSE (Cover)The GazettE - UNCERTAIN SENSE (Cover)
This is my first cover with my favorite song from The GazettE. I hope you enjoy and thanks for watching.

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