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歌手 霜月はるか 
作詞 霜月はるか 
作曲 霜月はるか 
編曲 Dani 
閲覧数合計:1557 今月:2



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100 subscribers!!! Thanks so much. I never expected to grow this fast, it means a lot and it's fun interacting with the Touhou community after just lurking around. Special thanks to Releska...
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観覧車~あの日と、昨日と今日と明日と~ Kanransha ~Ano hi to, Kinou to Kyou to Ashita to~ Ferris Wheel ~That Day, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow~ A song by Duca....
【Osu!】 Nekomata Master - Funny shuffle [Overdose] + none FC S【CTB】By.-Scarlet Rose-【Osu!】 Nekomata Master - Funny shuffle [Overdose] + none FC S【CTB】By.-Scarlet Rose-
WTF is the map? WTF is my acc? Help me QQ - Hello everyone. Welcome to my youtube channel. About me,my name is night moon ,and I'm Taiwanese. - This is my osu! replay. If you like it , you...

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