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歌手 霜月はるか 
作詞 霜月はるか 
作曲 霜月はるか 
編曲 Dani 
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霜月はるか『SHIMOTSUKIN 10th Anniversary BEST~MESSAGE SONGS~』全曲試聴クロスフェード霜月はるか『SHIMOTSUKIN 10th Anniversary BEST~MESSAGE SONGS~』全曲試聴クロスフェード
霜月はるかのメジャーデビュー10周年を記念したベストアルバム「SHIMOTSUKIN 10th Anniversary BEST~MESSAGE SONGS~」全曲試聴のクロスフェードムービーで...
20 Closure | Final | Sound Horizon | Live | English Sub20 Closure | Final | Sound Horizon | Live | English Sub
Changed the Anthem's pitch because of YouTube ... Part 20 of the Triumph of the Third Territorial Expansion Day 2 Concert (Final) Sound Horizon - Closure Subs by LostNeko (Activate CC for subs!)
Duca - 観覧車~あの日と、昨日と今日と明日と~ [English Subtitled]Duca - 観覧車~あの日と、昨日と今日と明日と~ [English Subtitled]
観覧車~あの日と、昨日と今日と明日と~ Kanransha ~Ano hi to, Kinou to Kyou to Ashita to~ Ferris Wheel ~That Day, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow~ A song by Duca....
【Vocal】 リズム feat. 結良まり (bermei.inazawa)「Subbed」【Vocal】 リズム feat. 結良まり (bermei.inazawa)「Subbed」
100 subscribers!!! Thanks so much. I never expected to grow this fast, it means a lot and it's fun interacting with the Touhou community after just lurking around. Special thanks to Releska...
You (Reduce)You (Reduce)
You (Reduce), from the Higurashigurashi album (is it HigurashiGurashi or HigurasHigurashi?). I do like this mix a lot. Also, it's a You and not a Dear You, for the usual reasons. :3 All the...

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