歌手 Safarii 
作詞 Safarii 
作曲 Safarii 
編曲 小松一也 
カテゴリ ドラマ シマシマ 主題歌
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BAD DAY 日本語訳BAD DAY 日本語訳
気分が落ち込んだ時 なにか失敗した時 自分が一番情熱を持っていたものを忘れかけた時 原因なんてものはなくて、ただ 今日はついてなかっただけ.
SAFARI CRASH: Caleb's Bad DaySAFARI CRASH: Caleb's Bad Day
The gang decides to prank Caleb throughout the day. Finally Caleb gets fed up. We've had some videos that we never uploaded just collecting dust, so after two ...
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bad daybad day
safari life.
Dolphin Safari Fiona has had a bad day.Dolphin Safari Fiona has had a bad day.
The Great Dolphin spotter Tim Montgomery owner of the 'Original Dolphin Safari' in Gibraltar. Established in 1969.

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