歌手 Lena 
作詞 Lena  藤林聖子 
作曲 Jeff Miyahara  Yuichi Hayashida 
編曲 Jeff Miyahara 
閲覧数合計:170 今月:0




Daydreaming Sheet MusicDaydreaming Sheet Music
Every time I would compose a new piece and bring it to the performers I would ask whether they heard this music before. It's the same with this piece, I heard the ...
Selena - Dreaming Of YouSelena - Dreaming Of You
Selena "Dreaming Of You" Official Music Video. You can find the music on the album 'Dreamin Of You' (P)C) 2010 Capitol Latin, LLC. All rights reserved.
Love's Retaliation (episode 3) HQLove's Retaliation (episode 3) HQ
READ THIS::: Epi: the ball continues and after dancing with his sister, Lucian joins Lena along with Wilfred. Some tense attraction raises between them as well ...
Anasma performs Catwoman (excerpt from "Catwoman Daydreaming") at Tribal Fest 2012, CaliforniaAnasma performs Catwoman (excerpt from "Catwoman Daydreaming") at Tribal Fest 2012, California For more videos by Anasma and behind the scenes, make sure to join the youtube channel ...

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