my brand new way

歌手 小池徹平 
作詞 小池徹平 
作曲 小池徹平 
読みまい ぶらんど にゅー うえぃ
閲覧数合計:2320 今月:17



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小池徹平 - my brand new way小池徹平 - my brand new way
he is so kawaii!
My brand new way - Teppei KoikeMy brand new way - Teppei Koike
My brand new way - Teppei Koike.
小池徹平 - My Brand New Way (Piano Version)小池徹平 - My Brand New Way (Piano Version)
For foRevrAzN! I'm sorry it took a while, and there's mistakes -_-; My sisters refused to help me this time lol ^^; Koike Teppei of WaT's solo, My Brand New Way by ear. Please listen~ ...
Teppei Koike 小池徹平 「君に贈る歌」Teppei Koike 小池徹平 「君に贈る歌」
Teppei Koike 小池徹平 「君に贈る歌」
My brand New Way (sung by me.)My brand New Way (sung by me.)
This is sung by me. please don't copy without permission. ~~after listen, don't forget to leave some comments. これは私が歌われている。許可なくコピーしないでくださ...

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